6 Daily Focus Themes

To add in all of the building blocks of positive shift on a regular basis, choose a focus theme for each day of the week. Focus themes are flexible and can be easily adjusted as needed. The ideas below may be arranged however they fit into your schedule.

• Monday → Aspire: take actions towards goals, use strengths to get in flow.

• Tuesday → Uplift: watch an inspiring video, listen to uplifting music, give a compliment.

• Wednesday → Share: volunteer or donate, do a Random Act of Kindness, call or send an email to friends or family.

• Thursday → Gratitude: give a simple gift of appreciation, send a thank-you note, journal.

• Friday → Relate: invite someone for coffee, start a conversation, go on a date night.

• Saturday → monthly activities: celebrate birthdays and holidays, entertain, go someplace new, make or buy a treat to take to work.

• Sunday → Soul: renew and review, spend time in nature, be creative.

At the center of the building blocks within the Four Ps of Positive Psychology, is the SOS method to apply the power of a pause and notice when it may be time to shift. We have seen that the ability to shift is vital to happiness and fulfillment. The way to increase the ability to shift, is to increase awareness. And two methods to increase awareness, are exercise and meditation.

Exercise and meditation → Increase awareness → Ability to shift → increase happiness


POSITIVE+ SHIFT HAPPENS excerpt Copyright © by Rosemary T Rice. All Rights Reserved.

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