8 Make Positive Shift Happen

Thank you for reading this excerpt from the book “Positive Shift Happens: the power of a pause,” with:
• the BE MEASURING building blocks of positive shift
• the power of a pause with the SOS method
• the Four Ps of Positive Psychology: Power Up, Pause, People, and Purpose
• The four power tools: exercise, meditate, communicate, and follow values
• focus themes to include more positive shift

Please consider purchasing the book, soon to be available at Amazon. In chapters organized by the 4 Ps of Positive Psychology, you will learn:
• benefits of practices shown by research to increase happiness and well-being
• practical ways to implement the BE MEASURING building blocks
• exercises to develop strengths in each area
• productive time use, goal setting, and motivation strategies
• skills for relationships and communication

Positive shift happens – if you make it happen. The information in the book provides the tools to make a shift to a positive life and increased well-being. Now it’s all up to you!

The Positive Shift Happens Toolkit at the Daily PlanIt.


POSITIVE+ SHIFT HAPPENS excerpt Copyright © by Rosemary T Rice. All Rights Reserved.

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