3 The Building Blocks of Positive Shift


The following activities have been shown to increase happiness and well-being by research in the field of Positive Psychology.

Breathe: breathe deeply.
Exercise: get regular physical exercise.
Meditate: the practice of focused attention, returning wandering thoughts back to the focus point.
Emotional Awareness: understand your own emotions and empathize with others.
Aspire: take action toward meaningful goals.
Share & Spirituality: volunteer or contribute to a cause you believe in, perform random acts of kindness, connect with a higher power or philosophical and religious beliefs.
Uplift: yourself with positive music and thoughts, and others with kind words.
Relate: spend time interacting with people.
Inspire Flow: use the talents that cause you to lose track of time.
Notice: look up, be aware and mindful, pay attention, smell the roses. Plan and anticipate activities, remember good times.
Gratitude: begin the day with appreciation, and end it by thinking of a few things you are grateful for. Thank those you are grateful for.

While the first letters of these activities happen to spell BE MEASURING, it is usually not important to measure them! What is important, is to make them a regular part of your life. This can be achieved by sorting the blocks into four areas.

The Building Blocks of Positive Shift at the Daily PlanIt


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