5 The Four Power Tools

In each area of the Four Ps of positive shift, there is one power tool that makes it possible to shift into high gear faster.

The first two actually increase the area of the brain that helps us to be aware, which will make all of the practices easier. Both exercise and meditation can increase the prefrontal cortex which is so important to executive functions like learning and memory.

  • POWER UP with exercise. This activity takes the most time and effort, but the benefits are huge and the results are so worth the investment! Measuring progress can be helpful for this practice.
  • PAUSE to meditate. Many benefits are gained with even a small investment of time.
  • Connect with PEOPLE with communication, especially listening.
  • Connect with PURPOSE by following your values

We may begin the day fully intending to practice all of the building blocks of positive shift, but it is all too easy to get derailed by the many distractions that can come up. Build awareness of where your attention is by pausing when the hour changes. Take a look at what you are doing and decide if that is the shift you want to be focused on. A helpful reminder app for smartphone users is the Blip Blip hourly chime.

It is ideal to touch on all four of the Ps of positive shift every day, but any progress is good! Remember the four power tools: exercise, meditate, communicate, and values. Add in as many of the other building blocks as possible throughout the week. Sometimes it won’t all get done. But knowing how important these activities are to your happiness makes choosing them over less valuable ones more likely.

The top four things you can do:

  • POWER UP – get a fitness tracker
  • PAUSE – create a reminder to meditate
  • PEOPLE – schedule a meeting date in your calendar
  • PURPOSE – write down your goals and a value statement, and review them often

With these tools you can increase your awareness and the ability to make positive shift happen.


POSITIVE+ SHIFT HAPPENS excerpt Copyright © by Rosemary T Rice. All Rights Reserved.

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