4 The Four Ps of Positive Psychology

The building blocks of positive shift divide into four areas that begin with the letter P, with three activities in each area.

There is a pattern of common elements that connect some of the building blocks. Spirituality, Inspire Flow, and Aspire to goals are all about purpose. Share, Relate, and Emotional awareness are all about people. Breathe, Notice, and Meditate all involve a pause. Gratitude, Uplift, and Exercise are all highly effective ways to power up. To make positive shift happen, shift gears between the four Ps: Power Up, Pause, People, and Purpose.

  • POWER UP with Gratitude, Uplift, and Exercise
  • PAUSE to Breathe, Notice, and Meditate
  • Connect with PEOPLE: Relate, be Emotionally Aware, and Share
  • Connect with PURPOSE: Connect with Spirituality, Aspire to goals, Inspire Flow

Use the power of a pause to know when it is time to shift. It is ideal to practice all of the building blocks of positive shift as much as possible. But in each of the four Ps, there is one tool that is especially powerful.

The Four Ps of Positive Shift at the Daily PlanIt


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